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I was bitten by dogs
Mrs Helma Adams, 2019, Mandini
Customer Testimonial
I was bitten by dogs and after 8 days my wounds were still wet and not looking good at all, and I decided to use the Light on the wounds and I could not believe it. By the end of the day my wounds showed clear signs of drying and by the next day there was a hard crust and it itched as the healing was taking place. I really believe in this wonderful Light.
My name is Nafeesa Salie
Customer Testimonial
My name is Nafeesa Salie and I have a great belief in Bioptron.

These are my reason why:

I had a knee injury 16 months ago, spent over R10,000-00. I had to resign from work because I could no longer stand on my feet until I met Mr Nebojsa Stojanovic the Managing Director of Bioptron. He came to my home and did a demonstration on my knee; I was so impressed and then bought myself the Bioptron Lamp.

This lamp is amazing. With in the first week I could feel the difference in my knees. I used to sit on a chair because I could not bend. Within one month...
Thank you so much for the excellent service with purchasing our Bioptron light.
Dr Maggie Embrey, December 2016
Professional Testimonial
Thank you so much for the excellent service with purchasing our Bioptron light. We are loving it, and so are our clients. I already have a few great testimonies to share. My husband couldn’t speak last night because of a strep throat condition, after 2 treatments last night and another 2 this morning he is up and Adam again.
One of my herbal medicine suppliers had accidently washed his contact lenses with hydrogen peroxide instead of the contact lense solution, his eye was blood shot, swollen, and very sore when he got to me yesterday. After 2 x 10 minute treatments with the light...
I have used the Bioptron Light source form more than twelve years
Des Fernandes
Professional Testimonial
I have used the Bioptron Light source form more than twelve years in my cosmetic and reconstructive surgery patients and I believe that Bioptron is a great asset in my practice. T has a soothing effect on the patients and the operation site and reduces the swelling as well as the bruising at a far faster rate than normal. Dr Miroslav Colic first introduced the concept to me at an international conference and he has reported both in textbooks and in peer reviewed journals about his experience

I use it immediately after an operation for 10 minutes on each side and then at each following...
Mgr. Markéta Koutná
 Professional Testimonial Mgr. Markéta Koutná, Internal Department General University Hospital in Prague, Czech Republic Wound Management Consultancy at the Medical Faculty, Charles University General University Hospital in Prague.
“I have been using with success BIOPTRON light therapy for 10 years to treat my patients.
 During that time light therapy was indicated to hundreds of patients; for example, for the treatment of leg ulcers or various surface lesions. I became acquainted with BIOPTRON in 2006 at the EWMA International Wound Management Conference and I had been asked to try BIOPTRON Pro 1 to treat my heel spur. Soon after that, we began using the lamp to treat our patients in the Wound Management Consultancy Office in Prague, and as early as one month in, we were able to conclude objectively - we had had a very good way of comparison with a control group of patients not treated in this way - that...
Burn Injury
“My name is Cristian Ileana and I am 76 years-old from Romania. I had a domestic accident and severely burned my lips and 80% of the oral cavity. I had the BIOPTRON Pro 1 device with the Color Therapy filters at home already so I began treatment. Since it was Saturday I thought that it would be very hard to find somebody to consult me at the hospital. At first, I used BIOPTRON with the blue light and an hour later, I used the yellow light. For the third session, another hour later, I used BIOPTRON without the Color therapy. I repeated the sessions, every hour, on Saturday, Sunday and Monday...