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I have CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)
Mrs Niki Diamond, 2019, Pretoria
Customer Testimonial
I have CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) which is successfully being treated by Dr C Jadin a Specialist in this field. I've had this disorder for over 20 years, causing many other problems along the way and having endless tests and seeing many doctors.<BR/><BR/>

One of the problems it has left me with is a dysfunctional immune system: Auto-immune disorder causing ALL my joints to swell; weakened immune system; bad circulation; hair loss; allergies; headaches; lethargy - I can go on and on.<BR/>

Dr C Jadin encouraged me to buy...
I underwent major brain surgery
Customer Testimonial
I have written this in the hope that those who need healing, pampering and/or therapy will go to Complete Therapy, and will be helped.

I underwent major brain surgery. On Wednesday 8 August I was discharged from hospital, needing to return after two days, as my stitches weren't ready to be removed. Two days later, Friday, my stitches remained. My wound had not closed. I had to repeat my returning to hospital on Monday. Hopefully, then, they'd be removed.

Meanwhile, on Friday, when I arrived home with my Mom, I shared my desire to look at the building next door to our...
I am not proud to admit that for over 60 (sixty) years
Mrs S SADIEN, 2019
Customer Testimonial
I am not proud to admit that for over 60 (sixty) years, I was not aware that:

a) Swollen feet
b) Pains in joints, muscle cramps, rheumatism and fibrositis can be relieved by proper blood circulation.

I shudder to think back on my endless hours of suffering all because I have never been informed of the true facts. 3 weeks ago I was introduced to a BIOPTRON Light Therapy system whereupon I took daily 40 minutes of accumulative treatment per day over a 10 day period. The results were as follows:

a) Hard lumps of blood in my varicose veins became soft.
I have suffered from an enlarged prostate for 4 years
Johann Kirsten, 2019, Johannesburg
Customer Testimonial
I have suffered from an enlarged prostate for 4 years. After using the Bioptron System for just 3 weeks, the problem has disappeared. I used it for ten minutes, twice daily. Previously I had to go on lengthy courses of anti-biotics which later did not help at all. Thanks Bioptron and Gary for this wonderful product. Friends of mine have also benefited from treatments
I treated my Sister's varicose veins by applying the Bioptron
Mrs Maureen Eloff, 2019, Potgietersrust
Customer Testimonial
I treated my Sister's varicose veins by applying the Bioptron directly to the veins on her legs. She had 2 treatments per day for about 4-5 days. The doctors had treated her and wanted to operate, but she refused to go to hospital. Within a few days the problem had become so much better that she doesn't have any pain and the large bulges had diminished considerably. Unfortunately, I do not stay near enough to keep the treatment up and therefore it has not disappeared. I'm confident that with regular treatment, it would disappear. It is no longer inflamed and hard, but became soft.

Three months of using the BIOPTRON Compact lamp
Mrs A Raulet, 2019, Cape Town
Customer Testimonial
In three months of using the BIOPTRON Compact lamp :

1. A gum infection, which doctors wanted to operate on, is 85% better

2. A developing pain on one side of the joint of the jaw has been improved by 90%

3. A hard lump on the side of the knee has gotten a lot smaller and softer

4. Bruises on the hand healed and disappeared much faster

I am very satisfied with the results of the treatment.
Mrs Engela Marais, January 2011
Customer Testimonial
I am very satisfied with the results of the treatment. I have a cracked S1 Vertebrae and degeneration of the rest up to L5. The Bioptron has saved me trom a certain back fusion operations two years ago.

Thank you very much
55 year old male. Liver Cancer.
Sue Kozlowski, Health Pharmacy, Jhb
Professional Testimonial
55 year old male. Liver Cancer (advanced). Right lower back pain & sciatica. Unable to sleep, worried. Daily 30 minutes (Bioptron) treatment to lower right lumbar region. Relief of pain after first treatment, able to walk more upright. Slept much better during treatment sessions. In-between chemotherapy - desperate for Bioptron after a break of 4 days of chemotherapy and bed rest at home. Great relief to this very ill patient.

32 year old male. Ribs right side. Complained of poor sleeping, pain and difficult breathing. (very into healthy lifestyle). Only 3 x...
Chronic Disease, Diabetic Foot
Customer Testimonial, Belarus
Ms. Tamara A. Yakubovskaya
Customer Testimonial
“I’m 65 years old. In this age people don’t believe in miracles. Two years ago I was diagnosed with diabetes and doctors found gangrene on my hallux, (big toe). My fellow patients in the hospital told me that the hallux was just the beginning and that the process could affect the other toes and the foot itself. I was so upset and full of pain and horror.
At home, my daughter-in-law brought BIOPTRON and told me that it was able to help the healing of the wounds. I didn’t believe it, but I didn’t want to offend my daughter-in-law and started to treat my wound...
Diabetic Foot
 Customer Testimonial, Azerbaijan
Mr. Alakbar Zeynalov
 "I am 56-years-old and I have type 2 diabetes. 3 years ago I was diagnosed with Diabetic Foot with necrotic ulcer of left thumb. It was explained to me that due to the high level of glucose in my blood, it would be difficult to treat my wound. It was terrible to realize that I may lose my finger or even more, my foot.

Then my doctor, Dr. Khoshgadam Ibadova recommended that I try light therapy in combination with the rest of the medical treatment strategy. To be honest I felt very skeptical in the beginning, how just light may be helpful, however there were nothing to lose....